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Tsuro Tsunami Evacuation Shelter

Tsuro Tsunami Shelter


The first Tsunami evacuation shelter in Japan is located in Tsuro, Sakiaham Town. Because it is not a tourism facility, it is not opened for public. However it is one of the precious stations of Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark. Over 80 percnet of the city land is covered by mountains, so locals live in very narrow flats area (usually very close to the ocean). This shelter, therefore, works to protect locals' lives when Tsunami occurs. Muroto Geopark also uses this facility for geohazard risk reduction education program.


〒781-7220 室戸市佐喜浜町1007 番地

1007, Sakihama-cho, Murotoshi, Kochi, 7817220, JAPAN



This facility is an evacuation shelter for locals and not opened for the public. If you are interested in go and look inside, please contact to Muroto Geopark Promotion Committee (TEL: +81-882-22-5161, Email:





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